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For several years MaleGunge offered to those who enjoy seeing a man covered in shaving cream, pies, slim, mud, and various others substances, photos for their enjoyment.

MaleGunge features gunge models such as CntryBoy, Boy Wonder, Shoji, along with numerous photos sent in by those who visit MaleGunge regularly and wanted to share their gunge experiences with everyone else.

The MaleGunge staff has had alot of fun maintaining the MaleGunge website and meeting people around the world who love gunge as much as they do.

Many of the photos you love so much are in our site for your enjoyment.

One thing is certain... MaleGunge will continue to live up to its name by offering gunge photos and videos of men only enjoying themselves being covered in every possible substances.

We would love to hear from you and if you have some photos you wish to share with the MaleGunge family, we would love to receive them as well.

It is great that the gunge community, over the years, has made MaleGunge the place where all can see what happens when "Men and Gunge Become One".

This site is designed to be viewed by guys who are 18+ years of age. All models appearing on this web site were 18+ years of age at the time photos were taken.